about the webmaster. . .

    *clover | age 22 | student & artist*

illustrator by trade, currently studying fashion


painting with watercolour, writing stories, sewing, gardening, collecting knick-knacks, 
customising ball jointed dolls, cooking & baking, manga and anime fan, writing to penpals, 

* Favourites *

flora: clovers, forget me nots, hydrangeas, morning glories, roses, 

fauna: puppies, bunnies, lambs, frogs, hyenas, deer, 

food: pasta, bread, berries, curry, kimchi-jjigae, sushi, 

drink: milk, lemonade, hot chocolate, hojicha, apple cider, 

video games: animal crossing, harvest moon, the legend of zelda, pokemon, mario kart, mario party, chibi robo,

colours: soft and dusty pinks, blues, and greens. . . and red!

weather: stormy, rainy, sunny with a light breeze, early morning fog,