My manga bookshelf

would you like to browse the titles on my bookshelf?
    i've been collecting manga for many years on and off (my local bookstore closed down, so i dont buy them very often anymore)
    heres the list of titles, volumes, and collecting status. maybe youll find a new series, or know one that i'll like too!
    some series are ones that im not really interested anymore, but hold memories of when i was younger, so i've kept them!
    i havent included any series i plan to let go of, and of course these are just ones i own,
    i read a lot online too! 

Title author volumes collecting status
+anima Natsumi Mukai 1 yes; top priority
a silent voice Yoshitoki Ōima 1 yes
black butler Yana Toboso 1~7 no
blue exorcist Kazue Katō 1~6 yes; low priority
cardcaptor sakura Clamp Books 1&2 yes
deadman wonderland Jinsei Kataoka & Kazuma Kondou 1 no
death note Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata. 1~12 & both light novels completed
fullmetal alchemist Hiromu Arakawa 1~6 yes
inuyasha Rumiko Takahashi 1~3 (three in one editions) yes; high priority
nana Ai Yazawa 1 yes; high priority
olympos Aki 1 no
one piece Eiichiro Oda 1 (three in one edition) yes; low priority
one punch man One 1 no
othello Satomi Ikezawa 1~3 yes
pretty guardian sailor moon Naoko Takeuchi 1 yes; low priority
reborn Akira Amano 1~4 no
tokyo mew mew Reiko Yoshida & Mia Ikumi 1&2 yes
ultimo Hiroyuki Takei & Stan Lee 1~6 yes; low priority
xxxholic Clamp 1 yes