site updates

6/16/2019 wrote diary entry

4/21/2019 wrote diary entry, updated wardrobe page

4/19/2019 wrote diary entry, directory will now have a "new" icon beside pages that have been updated, updated index text

4/10/2019 wrote diary entry, added gaia avatar page, fixed image on cherished teddies page, read guestbook messages and felt very happy! (thank you!)

4/9/2019 loaded the enter link, added link to the welcomepage in the directory, created guestbook, created diary page and wrote first entry

4/7/2019 added teddy collection page, added to about page, adjusted css page, realized my neocities site has been "updated" 495 times so far and realized i could probably stop saving after adding every little line of code. . .

4/5/2019 Finished Index, created homepage with directory and added the welcome, about, and wardrobe collection pages. (haven't loaded the enter link yet!)

4/4/2019 site creation/under construction. . .