would you like to play dress up. . ?

this is my most special collection; my lolita wardrobe! 
    ive been dressing in lolita for years. i organized it the same way it is in my irl closet.
    hover for brand/name/year/colourway!
     lolita profile 
    brand: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
    substyles: all oldschool, sweet,
    motifs: florals, music notes, strawberries, animals, angels
    fabric: Velveteen, tartan, gingham, gobelin
    items in my wardrobe: maxiximam gobelin op, usakumya rucksack
    style icons: Momoko, artwork by Mitsukazu Mihara & Imai Kira, handcrafted bjds...
    page status: missing items (i might take my own photos eventually...)

*one pieces*

*Jumper skirts*


Blouses, Cardigans, etc

Hair Accessories


Dream items...

coming soon...