Come on in!

hello! this is the small space i've created for 
myself on the internet. i hope to update a diary, 
make some collection pages,a recipe book, mixtapes, 
and just put things that i like in general here.

i've made this space because i would like 
somewhere i can stay anonymous but still be myself, 
the pressure of social media has me drained so... 
im looking forward to posting the things i like without
feeling any obligation or pressure. i think somewhere to write 
my feelings will help too! because of this, 
i dont think ill be sharing my exernal accounts, 
and i dont think ill be sharing this website with any irl friends or family.

im new to neocities and writing html! so i know 
my space is pretty messy, but even so i hope you find comfort here! 
maybe ill open a guestbook or email so that
i can engage with anyone if they choose to spend some time here...

thank you for visiting my website! take a look around, 
maybe youll find that we are similar or better yet; discover something new!